Cake Questions

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merci New York and I collaborated to answer a few commonly asked caked questions that brides might have as they look for their wedding cake.  Check out their wonderful site and here are some of the questions to help you:

What should a bride bring to her initial consultation?
At consultations, I always ask a bride to bring various inspirations such as photos, color palettes, themes, their invitation samples, patterns, or any other ideas ideas they've been dreaming of. If your fiancée cannot come with you, it's always a good idea to bring a friend or family member rather than coming alone. They can provided valuable feedback in moments of indecisiveness and act as creative support.

Which frosting is the best for wedding cakes?
We coat all our cakes in a layer of buttercream and then finish it off with a layer of fondant. I believe it produces the cleanest finish and is the best method of preservation because it seals in the cake from air. Everyone thinks fondant tastes so horrible, but there are international brands that are delicious and flavored fondant (such as white chocolate and milk chocolate) that taste like tootsie rolls. It's also very simple for your caterer to remove fondant from the cake before serving it to your guests, so don't automatically rule it out because of the myths.

What is the biggest misconception brides have about their wedding cake?
I think the most popular misconception is that wedding cakes look great but taste bad. Wrong, your wedding cake can taste amazing! There are crucial points to consider to overcome this mistaken belief.
1. Make sure you choose a great baker that will use the freshest and finest ingredients. Lots of bakeries use shortening instead of real butter, low quality cocoa, and imitation extracts to cut their costs. It's okay to ask these questions and it's always better to pay a little more for a baker that will use quality ingredients. The final product can only be as good as the ingredients that go into it.
2. Make sure they will bake your cake the week of the event instead of using frozen stock.
3. Be sure to keep it simple and choose flavors that complement each other. If you don't know what kind of buttercream goes best with your pumping cake, don't choose pistachio just because it's good and it's your favorite. Certain flavors pair better with each other so ask your baker for recommendations. {I'd say cream cheese}! This is why the tasting consultation is such a crucial part of wedding planning.


Merci New York said...

It was great working with you Liz! Wishing you all the best!