Blog Features and Halloween

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some new blog features for this week:

From I will to I do is a blog written by the senior editor of  Posted are a ways to get ideas for your wedding cake and links to great galleries.

JolieJolie is an awesome blog written by one of my friends, Lisa, out in Cali.  The catch phrase for her blog is "all things prettiful," which is definitely what you can expect from her entries.  Pretty ideas, products, and images!

Private Receptions is a talented wedding planning and design group in NYC.  For the post, I recommended two important tips for creating a great wedding cake.

Halloween is this Saturday and I made some spooky decorated cookies for the occasion!  Trick or Treat!

Sport Cakes Part2:Basketball

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Sunday I watched the Yankees win their 40th ALCS and later this week they will play in the World Series! Tomorrow is also the start of the NBA basketball season.  To celebrate these two things, I have put together a "sports cakes" feature. (see part 1 entry below for the baseball cake)

This life size basketball cake was made for my husband's 28th birthday!  He loves anything basketball and was even a manager for the University of Michigan basketball team for 4 years.  Go blue!

I started off by making a wood grain base to replicate the hardwood floors of a basketball court.  Then I carved the cake to make a sphere.  Half the cake was styrofoam simply because I only needed the cake to feed ~8-10 people.

I think it took roughly two hours to poke all these little holes.  It's the details that matter!

This is a comparison of the real ball on the left and the cake on the right.  I boosted the orange color for the fondat because I thought the real ball was too dark for a celebration cake.


Sports Cakes Part1:Baseball

On Sunday I watched the Yankees win their 40th ALCS and later this week they will play in the World Series! Tomorrow is also the start of the NBA basketball season.  To celebrate these two things, I have put together a "sports cakes" feature.  (see part 2 above for the basketball cake)

The Yankees vs Mets 360 cake was inspired by the Subway Series, which is when the two NY baseball teams play each other.  Depending on which team your are rooting for, you can choose the front of the cake! 

Making of the gumpaste logos...


Blog Feature

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things Festive has featured us on their blog today.  They sell pretty much anything you could possibly need for a wedding!  So if you are looking for favors, guest books, cake toppers...check out their site :)

Blog Feature

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eatcakebemerry is featured on Texas Wedding Guide.  Check out what they have to say :)  Glad the weekend is here!

D+J Cake

Friday, October 23, 2009

This past weekend, I went to Seattle for a friend's wedding.  The city was so quaint, and I especially loved the Queen Anne area. The views were great, market was fun, seafood was tasty, air was clean, but yes there was a lot of rain.  The wedding itself was fun and it was really good to see another one of our friends tie the knot!  This is the cake I made for them to match their green/brown color palette.  The wedding had a very eco-friendly vibe and so did the new Hyatt Olive8.

For the character toppers, I started with basic shapes to make bodies and heads.

I dressed up the bodies first with a halter gown to match the bride's actual dress shape and a snazzy tux for the groom. I then decorated the heads, added hands, and a bouquet of flowers.


I just had to switch up the heads to have a laugh :)

Exchanging vows and saying I do's



Once I got there, I painted her dress shimmery white and added a veil to her head.  Topped them on the cake and voila!

Congrats David and JiHye!

Blog Feature

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eatcakebemerry is featured on With This Ring blog today!  Check out this blog for great photos of real weddings and inspiration for the big day.

Blog Feature

Monday, October 19, 2009

EatCakeBeMerry has been featured on Venessa Kaines Design blog, which celebrates all things design! I'm glad that cakes are no longer seen as just food for celebrations, but also as a unique medium for art and design. 

Blog Features

Friday, October 16, 2009

There are two more blog features for eatcakebemerry online!

eInvites is a blog for an invitation company that has an extensive array of cards, invitations, stationary, etc. that you can order online. They have great stuff!

I got an email a couple days ago from a new wedding planner in Canada.  Canada!  She also featured me on her blog at La Petite Blogger.  She had such delightful things to say on her captions for each photo. 

Lela Blog Feature

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lela New York is couture invitation and stationary studio in NYC.  They have amazing and fancy design!  Check their stuff out at Lela New York

I was featured on their blog today and wanted to share the Q&A that was posted.  Find it at Lela New York Blog

Alight, flying out to Seattle for a friend's wedding!

Blog Features

Check out today's blog feature on both Brooklyn Bride and The Inspired Bride !

Blog feature

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My friend from college has an awesome wedding blog/website .  Such a great resource for inspiration and ideas!  Today she was kind enough to write an entry about eatcakebemerry!  So exciting. Check it out!

Leaf Cake

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This past weekend marked the 6th year of RWC so I got to make a small cake for the celebration.

I blew up the image of their logo which was a leaf and cut out a template as well as a base.  Filled it with raspberry preserves and vanilla buttercream.


Covered it in white fondant, then cut out a green gumpaste outline as well as letters in two different fonts.




Ok all done, ready to go get eaten!


The best part of this whole cake though??  I forgot that I left the fridge setting on HIGH max so the cake would chill faster and that evening....BOOOM there was an explosion in my fridge!  The diet Pepsi's in the back couldn't handle the cold :)  Lets just say I had to clean out every nook and cranny of the fridge that evening. 


Green Tea Coca Cola?!?!

I went to Mitsuwa (awesome japanese grocery store in Edgewater) yesterday to grab some lunch in their food court and I scanned the beverage isle to find something to quench my thirst and I saw the weirdest thing.  Green Tea Coca Cola....

I wasn't brave enough to get it because when I imagined the flavor combination in my mouth, it didn't seem so tasty.  Has anyone tried this?  I might have to go back and get it because I'm just way to curious.  Who knows I might be pleasantly surprised.  It's a pretty advertisement though!


Monday, October 5, 2009

WAHOOOooOO!  The website has officially been launched!  Check it out :

Happy Birthday Banner

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I saw this image of a birthday banner ( I think Martha Stewart) and I thought the colors and string banner idea were cute, so I decided to translate this to a cake.

First, I made orange and pink disks and punched two holes on the top with piping tips.  Def two holes, not one, so the disks can lay flat against the cake.  Then I cut out letters using Tapp-its to spell out Happy Birthday.


I also made a larger disk for the top.
Once dry, I strung all the disks together with a ribbon.

Here its all connected

I glued the circles to the side of the cake with royal icing and put little bows on the corner.  Finished it off with a big #5 on the top.

Done Done Done and photographed with a nicer camera :)  Enjoy

Best Wife Ever

I recently made a cake for someone I know who wanted to treat his wife with a special cake for her birthday this year.  It was a simple and small cake that I made for their family, but it came back with so much gratitude.  As a baker, it made me so happy to know that something as simple as a cake can make a person feel special and appreciated.

I made a bunch of blossoms, large and small.  I dried them on a cookie rack so they they would maintain their cupped shape.


Then I dusted them with petal dust in various colors.

New Book and Sneak Peak

Friday, October 2, 2009

I was at Barnes yesterday and I passed by this book.  It immediately caught my eye so I sat on the floor below all the cooking books and started going through the pages.  Omggg, this is a great book.  They have really creative cakes and good techniques to know, esp the ganache trick.  I think this is a great book to have and its like $9.98 which is SUCH a great price compared to some of the other cake decorating books out on the market.  I've heard of Planet Cake awhile back and its this company Paris Cutler started in Australia.  Check out their website

Speakkkkking of's a sneak peak at what I'm working all day and all night on. It took forever to make the actual cakes so I'm really excited to finally be able to post them on a site and share them with people.  It still has some more work to be done, but it will hopefully be launched in < 2 weeks!