Rainbow (rice) cake

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rainbow rice cake is a special Korean dessert that you would find at celebrations such as a baby's first birthday.  It is made with rice flour, water, sugar and coloring.  Each colored component is layered on top of each other and then steamed.  The result is slightly sweet and beautifully chewy.  It is one of my all time favorite Korean desserts. 

Anyways, Esther Mun of Lil' Cake Toppers (you must check out her site for AMAZING hand painted wooden toppers!!!!) approached me with a funny idea to make an American sponge cake that would mimic the look of a Korean rice cake for her nephew's 1st birthday.  Genius mind trick.  Apparently the mom's at the party fell for it and thought it was a rice cake.....until they ate it and realized it was vanilla cake!  Here's how it turned out....
The three hand painted wooden toppers of the family were made by... of course Lil' Cake Toppers!  Check out her work!


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