Globe Cake

Monday, December 3, 2012

This weekend I went to a farewell party for one of my friends, Scott.  He will be traveling to 11 countries in 11 months to volunteer with an organization called World Race.   Countries include Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal and India.  So, what's more appropriate than to celebrate with a globe cake?!?!   In collaboration with one of my photographer friends, Tony Yang, we created a time lapse video of the process.  

Here's the full screen link!

All the continents were cut out of gumpaste and dusted with petal dust to add terrain and dimension.  Each country he is going to is indicated by a red dot.
Here's what it looked like once we cut it up and ate it!  


Marias frestelser said...

A very nice and well done cake!!!

katsucurrys14 said...

so amazing!!!