Red Velvet Cake Debate

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ah the ever so popular red velvet.  Is it odd to eat something that is so unnaturally red?  Is butter based or oil based recipes better?  Can it only be made well in the South?  Did you know there is vinegar in most red velvet recipes?  Does it only taste good when paired with cream cheese frosting?  Should I use beet juice or red food coloring?  Is it just a hybrid of vanilla and chocolate cake?

If you've ever pondered Red Velvet cake in this way then "The Red Velvet Cake Debate" is where you want to be tonight.  From 6:30-9pm, Nichelle Stephens of Cupcakes Take The Cake will be hosting an event surrounding this discussion with a guest panel and of course tastings in the form of cake pops, cupcakes and cake.  Check it out.
Also...last year at Target I found none other than...Red Velvet Chocolate Milk!! What??  So I baked a small red velvet cake, took it to a friends house and had everyone try the pairing.  :)  The milk itself just tasted like extra sweet chocolate milk, but it was fun to experience it.


MrsRobicelli said...

That cake looks so unbelievably delicious- I wish you had brought it tonight!