Threadcakes competition

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Threadless is a graphic t-shirt company, with lots of witty, creative, and interesting designs.   If you haven't heard already, they host this competition called Threadcakes, which is awesome.  The premise is that you pick one of their gazillion t-shirt designs and translate it into a cake! The competition ends Aug. 16th.  Can't wait to see what people come up with this year :)

Here's a glimpse of the winners from last year!
3D category:  Noah Express by Jennifer Flynn      

2D category:  Impostor in the Bird Hotel by Alex Waite
If you are not into creating a cake, you can also create a t-shirt design and submit it to and they may put it into print.  They have an ongoing, open call for design submissions.  Who knows, maybe the following year someone will make a cake based off your t-shirt design!


Blue Penguin said...

That ark is just incredible - so wonderfully detailed. And I love the penguin (of course!)

...............cata.............. said...

I'm following you on facebook!
Wow! those works are amazing.

Reema said...

Hi, my name is Reema and really love your work. Are you teaching any classes in the month of July and Aug?