Happy Birthday Banner

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I saw this image of a birthday banner ( I think Martha Stewart) and I thought the colors and string banner idea were cute, so I decided to translate this to a cake.

First, I made orange and pink disks and punched two holes on the top with piping tips.  Def two holes, not one, so the disks can lay flat against the cake.  Then I cut out letters using Tapp-its to spell out Happy Birthday.


I also made a larger disk for the top.
Once dry, I strung all the disks together with a ribbon.

Here its all connected

I glued the circles to the side of the cake with royal icing and put little bows on the corner.  Finished it off with a big #5 on the top.

Done Done Done and photographed with a nicer camera :)  Enjoy


talida said...

That is super cute, Liz!

Trish said...

That is too cute!

Kim @ Inspired Goodness said...

soo.. pretty!

Anonymous said...

neat and super cute.