My New Cake Blog

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The beginnings of a cake blog. Yay! My outlook on cakes is that it shouldn't just taste good, but it should also look good. Cakes have really come a long way and now days you see that anything is possible with this medium. Though people go all out with recreating objects and carving them into crazy shapes, my goal is to keep it clean, cute, simple and modern. My inspiration comes from greeting cards, textile patterns, graphic icons, etc. Hope you find them to make you hungry and smiling :) Enjoy!


Jennywenny said...

Another beautiful cake! Seeing your flawless designs shows me I have an awful lot still to learn. I absolutely love the 'bee mine' design though, so pretty!!

Seo Ninja said...

your article is this very helpful thanks for sharing..............:)